The TKM workshop 

During my half-day intensive workshops in London, I pass on the core themes and and exercises from my book The Kindness Method, so that attendees can get started on the groundwork with some motivational guidance. 

Having attended a lot of personal development workshops myself, I’ve noted what most people do and don’t like about them. So, rest assured that The Kindness Method workshops do not include:

  • ice-breakers
  • role-play
  • sharing 
  • audience participation
  • group activities
  • name badges
  • hugging (unless you want to, of course)

I’m keen to create an opportunity for people to explore unwanted habits completely honestly, and to ensure that attendees know they are not attending a support group. Rather, its a guided self-help session where each person privately works through the exercises that I provide.

What to expect

The workshop is fast-paced and aimed at guiding attendees to rapidly complete a range of written exercises that they can take home and continue to develop. These then become the tools and memory aids that they use to support them in starting and keeping up their changes.

By the end of the workshop, attendees feel more confident that they can implement and sustain any plan of their choosing. They also have a better idea of why they didn’t manage to make changes in the past and how they will deal with any resilience-testing road-bumps in the future. 

Prior to the workshop, I send around a questionnaire asking attendees what habit(s) they would like to address. This is just so that I can get an idea of what specific tips and suggestions to include during the workshop. No one is asked to share why they are there with anyone else. 

I also provide gift vouchers for loved ones who are struggling to make desired changes and perhaps don’t believe in their ability to do so as much as you do.

The Kindness Method workshop is for you if…

  • You feel like you need someone to ‘sit you down’,  make you plan your changes properly and give you an injection of motivation to get going.
  • You feel like you’re making the same resolutions every year (or every Monday)
  • You create meticulous plans of action but can’t seem to  keep them up
  • You’re confused as to why you can’t stop behaving a certain way even though you really want to
  • You feel demoralised after a series of unsuccessful attempts to change
  • You’re tired of signing up to miracle plans that aren’t sustainable
  • The way you speak to yourself is cruel and self-sabotaging
  • You feel your life is on hold until you’ve achieved your goals
  • You believe you’ll always be an ‘all or nothing’ person
  • You start a new plan every Monday only to ‘fall off track’ by Wednesday
  • You think your’re someone who ‘starts things but doesn’t finish them’
  • Your inability to make changes is negatively impacting your relationships, social life, professional development or wellbeing
  • You don’t feel you have the self-esteem or self-belief needed to change
  • You struggle to make realistic plans but small improvements don’t keep you motivated
  • Despite repeated attempts to change, your habits have worsened over time
  • You’re tired of declaring to loved ones that you’re making changes, only to have to update them that you’ve once again ‘fallen off the wagon’
  • You believe yourself to have an ‘addictive personality’
  • You want to be honest about the thoughts and behaviours you’re not proud of, in a judgement-free zone
  • You want to set your own goals that fit into your lifestyle, based on what’s important to you
  • You feel your thoughts and behaviours have gone on autopilot
  • Despite the landscape of your life changing, some of your habits have stayed the same and now feel inappropriate
  • You want to explore healthier and more diverse ways to deal with stress, worry and boredom
  • You want to invest  in personal development and become more self-aware
  • You want to become more resilient and invest in long-term goals instead of giving in to immediate temptations
  • You hoped that your accomplishments to date would have given you more self-esteem and belief in yourself to make changes
  • You feel you don’t have an ‘off switch’ when it comes to unwanted habits
  • You want to create a bespoke plan of change that works for you
  • You’re looking for a more laid back approach to addressing your habits
  • You think you lack will power
  • You don’t want to have to tell anyone else your true reasons to change
  • You feel like your behaviour is the boss of you
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Here’s what those who attended my habit-change workshops that at The School of Life had to say:

“The best TSOL talk/workshop I’ve been to. Often feel rushed and not practical enough. More of these workshops are needed.”

“It has been very helpful. For me it has been useful as a last push in the direction of change I’ve been going through for months. The workshop was delivered in a very friendly, positive way. Surfing my cravings and being kinder to myself have been two of the highlights for me.”

“Very helpful. Fully met my objectives which were to learn some new tools and strategies. A lot of useful information was shared and it has provided much food for thought and I am confident I will be able to put the strategies into action. The presenter was very engaging and knowledgeable.”

“Really liked that there were no icebreakers/forced group discussions.”

“My objective was to have a clear plan for making changes. This was met. But more than this I established more clearly the values I want to live by. Fantastic presenter/teacher – clearly lives and breathes this!”

“I found the workshop very interesting, informative and entertaining. It did meet my objectives. I wanted to learn more skills and ideas about how to make changes in my life. The one thing I will take away from this is that values are just as important as goals and that living by your values can help you achieve your goals.”

“Extremely helpful. Surprisingly helpful to be honest. I didn’t expect to get much from today but I really did. I softened inside. I understand what to focus on more clearly, where to be generous with myself, where to add into my life and how to cope with urges. Shahroo did a wonderful job of engaging the group, using humor and wisdom as well as communicating a very useful framework.”

“I came to the session thinking I needed to change something other than the real change that became apparently necessary as we went on. This was an invaluable opportunity to give myself the space to think about it – also to find a way to think about being kinder to myself and more compassionate. A refreshing, open and honest delivery. Thank you!”

“Really fantastic, thank you. I love the idea of the maps. Facilitator was very engaging and human – very personable. I really like the openness of the facilitator.”

“Very down to earth approach, demeanor and realistic approach. Well organized in understandable segments. Excellent job, keep at it. You’re onto something good.”

“I really enjoyed it. It has helped me identify the causes behind the behaviours I want to change and given me some real insight. Making changes can seem daunting but I feel hopeful that it is achievable. Very warm presentation, really accessible and encouraging. Very personable and personal – I really liked the day.”

“This was awesome! Really interesting. Useful tips. Good content. Lovely presenter.”

“…lots of ideas and opportunities for continued reflection. Like the idea of referring to the maps and enjoying developing the skill of knowing and anticipating yourself. Inspiration from you Shahroo! I appreciated your honesty and humour.”

“The workshop was extremely insightful, helpful with some new techniques/ideas/resources on self-development that I’ve not come across before. The presenter was extremely compassionate, open, sharing her own experiences.”

“It was all I hoped it would be and more. I have done quite a bit of self help but wasn’t familiar with a lot of this stuff. I liked its very practical nature. I liked the intensity. Terrific workshop. The fourth and best I have been to here.”